One aspect to modern day living is that not many families have the time to sit down and watch films together, in fact with most children of all ages these days having their own computers or mobile devices in which they can access the internet a lot of the quality time families once had has been now sadly lost.

However, here are the www.21stcenturyliteracy.org.uk we know and understand that many families do want to spend time with their children and young adults and sit down together and watch classic movies or some of the very latest blockbusters, and that is why we have chosen to launched this website.

We want to actively promote film culture to the younger generation and enable them to see some of the great classic films and also watch some of the latest films which may give them an interest in a possible career path in either writing or acting.

You are more than welcome to take a good look around our website for we are more than convinced if you do want to discover ways of your children showing a greater interest in watching films and movies, as opposed to sitting there playing around with their mobile phones or computers all night then there will be a great number of helpful guides and articles through this site.

Those articles and guides are free to make use of and use of as you take a look round our site, so please do so and then put into practice some of the strategies you find mentioned within our site to bring back those long gone days of families watching films together.